Friday, June 15, 2012

Pinterest Find Friday for Summer!

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe we are already half way through the month of June!? Can it really be summer already!? I'll be honest and say that summer is not my favorite season. I would much rather enjoy a cup of hot apple cider, a crisp Autumn breeze and brightly colored changing leaves. I am however learning the joy of all the seasons, though I have to work a bit harder to enjoy the winter months especially after Christmas. I do feel blessed to live in a place where I get a glimpse of Gods beautiful creation in four different seasons and am trying to learn to enjoy them all.

So like it or not summer is in full swing now with kids home from school, graduation parties, barbecues, trips to the beach, camping and so much more! How are you planning on enjoying summertime this year? I am hoping to go to the pool at least a few times, maybe head to the beach with my husband and enjoy a sunset, go to the park and have a picnic, use our new grill some more and maybe even go on a camping trip. I'm also hoping to get away for a weekend for our second anniversary coming up the end of next month. Last year we went to Ludington where we stayed in a bed and breakfast and loved it!

In honor of summer I want to share some of my favorite Pinterest finds to get you excited for summer!

  • I picked up a tray for making popsicles on a grocery shopping trip a month or so ago but I have yet to make anything with it so I have been looking for some recipes to try. When I came across this mocha ice pop recipe from Eating Well I knew I wanted to try it out. I haven't made it yet, but hopefully will soon!
Source: Via Ashley RR on Pinterest

  • Get those toes looking pretty and sandal ready with this easy DIY pedicure from the Dating Divas. Pick a bright summery color and you'll be ready to go! Mine are currently painted with Rimmel's 'Posh Pink'.
Source: Via AshleyRR on Pinterest

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  • Looking for a quick and easy no bake dessert for a cookout? Try this tiramisu trifle by Dashing Dish. I've made traditional tiramisu before and that was heavenly and light but what I like about this recipe is that she put a spin on it to make it healthier. I'm going to make this to take to my parents house for fathers day. My dad is an avid coffee drinker but also diabetic so when I saw this had sugar free pudding I knew I wanted to give it a try!
 Source: Via AshleyRR on Pinterest
  • I recently picked up a copy of Money Saving Moms Budget book from the library. I just started reading it and began exploring her website. She has lots of resources to great deals and other things. One of them was this great FREE e-book. It's all about summer! It has a ton of recipes, activities for things to do with kids and more. 
Source: Via AshleyRR on Pinterest
  •  I love finding new ideas for sewing projects. I saw this one for a beach towel tote a while ago but put it out of my mind as it was the middle of winter. Now that summer is here I just might want to make one! Plus my beach towels are due for replacing. Here a couple of different ones with tutorials included. The first one rolls up to a tote but also has a pillow for laying out on it. The second one is just a nifty way to roll and fold the towel. 
Source: Via AshleyRR on Pinterest
Source: Via AshleyRR on Pinterest
I hope you are all enjoying this fine Friday in June! Make sure you find some ways to enjoy summertime this weekend!

       Ashley :-)

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