Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Bit of an Update: Stepping Out in Faith

I'm posting an update today as I feel compelled to share how God has been working in me just within the past 24 hours.

Yesterday I posted about how I need to improve my time management, specifically time with God. I have been seriously failing in this area and knew something needed to change but was still unsure about where to go from there. Not long after I published yesterday's post however I found an answer!

Have you ever heard of Good Morning Girls? If not, check it out, it an amazing resource! Anyway, I happened upon a post about summer session sign ups and it hit me...this is exactly what I need! One problem, I don't have anyone to be in a group with and don't know too many people that I could ask. I know that you can sign up with a group through the message boards but for some reason I knew that was not the route I was being called to take. Part of the reason is that I really wanted this to be more personal as I desperately need Christian women in my life whom I can physically meet and fellowship with. The online communities of bloggers and other women online have helped me immensely and I get great encouragement from those of you that have decided to follow along on this blogging journey of mine. But for this to really dig deep for me I knew I had to find a way to get people involved that I can physically meet and fellowship with.

My first thought was to start with the women in my small group but I was unsure if they would be interested and wanted more than just a couple of other people involved. I'm not sure why, but I felt God calling me to share this with my church. This was a bit scary for me as I attend a fairly large church where I only know a handful of people. But nonetheless, I knew I needed to do something.

In light of this, I decided my first step would be to share the link to the information about the new session on the facebook pages for my church. We have one for general information about the church and a group called Fresh Followers. So I posted it in both places asking anyone interested to contact me. I wasn't sure if I would get much of a response but was hoping to at least get enough people to have our own little good morning girls group. A little while later I got one response!

That's when I suddenly realized something....What if it became more than me just seeking a group of my own? What if I could get multiple groups of women from my church and surrounding area to participate? What if this became something bigger than me?! 

By this point I became rather nervous and thought...Wait a minute...God, you want me to do WHAT? Um, I'm no leader. I'm not qualified for this! Are you sure?...After a gentle prodding of yes, I said okay and took another step of faith.

That is when I composed and e-mail to our small groups/community life pastor asking for some guidance in how I could get the word out to more women  in hopes to get enough people interested to form several groups. My mind kept reeling with ideas about how this was going to work and what kind of role I would need to take for it to be successful. I have yet to hear back from him but have so far gotten four other women to respond to my posting!  One of them was my mom. After I got the e-mail from my her asking if she could be a part of it too, I got another idea.

My mom does not attend my church as she lives about 30-45 minutes away from where I do. I was glad that she wanted to be a part of this with me but I thought; how cool would it be if she could get some women from her church to be a part of this too?! My mom is very involved in her church and also very respected and appreciated as she does a lot to help others. So I asked her to get the word out to women in her church as well to see if there was any interest and decided to post on my own facebook page as well. 

I have absolutely no idea if I will get any more of a response about this but even if all that comes from it is my one group with four other women than I will be glad! 

However, I think it would be totally amazing if we were able to get several groups together and held a sort of kick-off event where all the area Good Morning Girls participants would get together to meet each other before the session starts.

So that's my little story about how God has worked on me in just one short day.

Oh, and I am happy to say that I made time for God today! I worked on a few things in my prayer/bible study binder and read a few Psalms. It definitely felt refreshing!

Below is a picture of a path that I took on my honeymoon. I edited it and added the text of a Psalm 25:4-5 which I read today and have decided to make it my new memory verse.

Do you want to start a Good Morning Girls Group of your own?! Awesome! Go to here to find out more about the summer session and get some people do do it with you! You can find a group from people on the message boards, but I strongly recommend that you find people that live near you so that you can really get to know each other personally and dig deep together!


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  1. Ashley, how glorious it is when God starts working in our hearts, and yes, how scary it can be when we realize he may be asking more than we intended at first! I'll be praying that your group or groups come together and that through this you find what you're seeking! God bless you!

    1. Ashley I am so glad that you allowed God to work in your heart and you were listening to Him today! I have learned in my walk with God that God wants us to step out of the boat and let him stir us in the direction he wants us to go then He gets all the glory! We can do all things through Christ we have all his Power available for our use we just need to plug in! Praying for you thanks for helping point others to Jesus. Love you! Mom

  2. Ohhh thank you sooo much Ashley for sharing this with me!!! I LOVED reading about how God is working in your life through Good Morning Girls!!! I'll be joining you in prayer and praying that He brings many women back into His Word through GMG groups!! :) Sooo excited to see what He has planned!!! Keep me updated! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  3. Thank you all for your kind comments!

  4. Thanks, Ashley, for popping over to my blog. How did the laundry go?

    I am such a fan of living our life and faith in community.

    1. Glenda, Nice to hear from you! I got all my laundry done and put away within two days, which is probably a record for me! I even was able to clean out my refrigerator on Thursday, a task that desperately needed to be done! :-)