Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fun - Pinterest Style!

Alright, so who's glad that it is Friday!? I've noticed a lot of blogs do fun Friday posts and I wanted to join in so I am choosing five of my favorite pinterest pins to share with you today.  


  •  Did you know that if you put warm chicken in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment that it will give you perfectly shredded chicken?! I was a bit skeptical, but tried it and was amazed! I absolutely hate shredding chicken by hand or with forks so this was a total life saver! 

Source: Via AshleyRR on Pinterest

  • I recently discovered an awesome website called Dashing Dish. The author Katie is a Christian and has a desire to share her faith and passion for food and fitness with others. She posts recipes that she has revamped to make them healthier! I tried this one earlier this week. It is stuffed Italian style red peppers. This is way out of the ordinary for me but I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out! I'm trying another one of her recipes for dinner tonight!
Source: Via AshleyRR on Pinterest

  • I love crafty things and have a board dedicated just to wreath ideas. Not too long ago I used this one to help me create my newest wreath that now adorns my front door. I changed it up a bit though and used burlap instead of yarn and ribbon instead of a sewn sash but you get the general idea. 

Source: Via AshleyRR on Pinterest

  • I came across these adorable little flowers the other day. They are called cabochons which are basically resin or some other material placed in a mold to create different shapes. They are sold all over etsy and you can get them fairly inexpensively. Some shops sell items made with them such as earrings, necklaces and hairpins. In other shops you can buy the flowers and make your own creations with them. They come is so many shapes, sizes and colors! 
Source: Via AshleyRR on Pinterest

  • I chose this last one because it reminds me of a post I read this week by Jolene at the alabaster jar about modesty. There is so much debate about what specifically is okay for women to wear and though I believe that we do need to have standards for how we dress I love how Jolene has a bit of a different take on it. Read her post here
Source: Via AshleyRR on Pinterest

Wasn't that fun?! I'm thinking I may do this more often. Have a blessed weekend. I won't likely be posting again until next week about the next discipline challenge. I am also working on putting together a post for the let's get organized series about menu planning and grocery shopping so stay tuned for that next week as well.




  1. Great pins!!! I love Pinterest:)

  2. SOOO going to try that with chicken next time! Probably would be really easy with leftover chicken too! :0) Thanks for linking up with Delight Thyself!