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Discipline Challenge Week 2: Time Management

Over the weekend I have been following along in the ultimate blog party and as a result have some new blog friends! So before I begin today's post I just want to give a warm welcome to my new followers. I am so glad that you are here!  If you want to see my party post or find out more about the party, go here.

Now on to the challenge... 
Today I am continuing my series about discipline as I follow Courtney from Women Living Well in her 5 weeks 5 disciplines challenge. Last week, I began by talking about what discipline is and introduced the first challenge which focused on the body.  

My first challenge was to get moving more by exercising at least 15-20 minutes 5 times a week.  

I am happy to report that I have been progressing in this area! I will admit that it was difficult to get motivated, but I did do my workout today and feel much better! I picked up a Leslie Sansone walking DVD on my trip to the library this weekend, which is what I used for today's workout. I like having something like this to workout with because it helps me stay on track better since I have limited space and no equipment to use.  I will keep recording my progress on this challenge and let you know later in the week how it is going.

This week we are focusing on time management. 

Time management has always been a huge struggle for me. It also doesn't help that I tend to be indecisive and a procrastinator - two things that do not mix well at all. Thankfully, I am aware of these struggles and have been able to work on them but I still need a lot of help and grace when it comes to how I use my time. I have realized that one thing that can help immensely in this area is to have a plan.

This picture describes me when I was in college all too well..... 

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Just a few short months ago, when I became a stay at home wife, I really began trying to work on my time management because I knew it would be incredibly important to be organized and have a plan in order for things to get done at home. Now let me first say that planning and organization do not come naturally to me, I have to work at it, but I have learned to find joy in it. As a result, I started a home management binder as well as a prayer and bible study binder. These have been immensely helpful tools in organizing my life. In preparing to make these I did a lot of research and found some great resources and even created some of my own printables that I have used as well. I hope to share more about my binders and organizing systems that I use later in the week, so be looking for that! For now I want to focus on the heart of this challenge and that is time with God. Courtney shared this quote from Elizabeth Elliot: 
Time management, a highly developed science today, begins for the Christian with time set aside for God.  Other things cannot fall into a peaceful order if this is omitted.”
Wow...that is so true but oftentimes overlooked. We have so many things to get done that time with God often takes a back seat to our to-do list or even want to-do list. Can I be real with you and share something?...Time management as it relates to how I spend it with God is probably my biggest downfall. Ouch...that hurts to say, but it is the absolute truth and I know it. I honestly cannot recall the last time that I consistently made an effort to spend daily time with God.

Sure I read Christian books, listen to Christian music and browse Christian blogs. I went to a Christian University where I was a discipleship leader. I spent three summers as a Christian camp counselor. I go to church every Sunday and volunteer in the coffee shop once a month. I am even a part of a small group that meets in my home every Monday. I have a desire to follow God and be a good wife for my husband.    But what I need to realize is that none of that means anything if it is not first based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ where I make Him my first priority.

I am working on this but could still use improvement as I struggle with making time for God first above all else. So this challenge is exactly what I need to help keep me accountable. I had hoped that with this blog I would find ways to draw closer to God and am so grateful that it already is! 

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 So here's the next challenge....

 Week 2 Challenge: 
  1. Sit down and look at your calendar. Think about your priorities, 
  2. Pray and ask God to give you wisdom as to what you should be doing with your time. 
  3. Write out a list of what you need to get done this week - don't forget to write in time with God. 
  4. Every morning this week, look over your to-do list. Pray and ask God for wisdom. Add, take away or move things on your list accordingly. 
  5. Continue this discipline next week and the week after. Soon you will find order and rhythm to your days and weeks. 

I'm planning on posting this week about how I am doing at making God time my first priority as well as some of my home organization tips. I hope that you find something that is useful for you!

To read Courtney's current post and get a free printable to do list, click here.


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